When is a good time to have a Tarot Card Reading?

Recently I received a message from a client asking when is a good time to have a Tarot Reading.Slider2

This is a common question, especially for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Tarot. The answer is often determined by your openness and belief in the wisdom of the Tarot. and depends on your readiness to hear spirit speak to you. When someone asks for a reading I like to remind them to not ask a question that they aren’t ready to hear the answer to or you have already decided what answer you want.

The question of timing for a reading is one that is often asked when someone is feeling inspired to seek wisdom from the Tarot but hesitant because they have never had a reading. Some people may feel uncertain about the unknown or confused about their readiness for the message, i.e. they want a particular outcome and wonder whether the reading will confirm this. For most people the truth lies within their readiness and openness to the wisdom of the Tarot and the opportunity it provides to be better aware of what energy sits within all situations and experiences. When you ask the Tarot a question, you need to ensure that you are open and ready and trust that you will receive the messages as well as the blessings that spirit infuses into every Tarot card reading. As the Tarot is rich in meaning, energy and symbolism the wisdom of the Tarot message and timing for having a Tarot reading is intuitive in its very nature.

If you are considering having a Tarot Reading then ask yourself; “what is drawing me to think about a Tarot reading? What is holding me back from scheduling a reading?” You may find as you think about it that you are feeling unsure about what will be involved, and what benefit it could be. If you are wondering about my style of reading, then please check my YouTube channel where I have posted an example of me doing a reading and you can watch me as I talk about the Tarot.

If you want to make a time for a reading, just click the “Book a Session” button on the booking page or if you have any questions send me a message through my contacts form. Wishing you light and love – Kira

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