What happens in a Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot reading, as the name implies,  is when the reader uses the Tarot, a set of mystic cards, to provide insight, feedback and direction for someone (the client) who wishes to ask the Tarot a question. The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each of which has a specific meaning and energy associated with it. As the reader I provide a safe and open space for the client to tune into the energy and seek insight into their situation.

To start the reading, I shuffle the cards and cut the deck into piles.  I will then ask the client to choose a pile while they focus on their question. The cards are then laid out in a specific pattern – each place in the pattern, or “spread”, represents a different concept or idea. Although there are several ‘traditional’ spreads, I use my own personal spread which I created after many years of development and feedback. I also use my intuition and guides to direct which spread to use for each client, question and spread interpretation.

Generally before I start a reading I ask the client what has prompted their decision to have a reading today. I then focus on the energy and shuffle the cards – as I shuffle the cards, I may chat about the Tarot, clarify any questions and ask spirit to guide the cards as I select a series of cards for the spread layout.

By looking at which cards have turned up, their position in relation to each other, and their placement in the spread as a whole, I share the messages and wisdom presented in the spread.

A full session with me lasts at least an hour, and that usually provides enough time for an in depth consideration of the client’s current concerns. I offer the option to for clients to self-record the session as I find making a recording invaluable as I tend to give a lot of information in a relatively short space of time, and many people find it useful to listen to the reading at a later date.

My aim is that at the end of the reading the client will have a lot of new information and insights to better assist with their situation and decision making. My aim in giving a Tarot reading is to create a space where clients leave feeling as though they have a much better understanding on what is happening in their life, why they feel the way they do and how to best utilize the energy around their situation.


Is this fortune telling?

I don’t focus on ‘fortune telling’ when I provide a Tarot reading. Although that is one of the things traditionally associated with the use of the Tarot, I believe that the wisdom of the Tarot is better accessed and enhanced when working in partnership with the client. A reading is a partnership that empowers and gives clarity which enhances decision making and personal insight.

If you want to make a time for a reading, just click the “Book a Session” button on the booking page or if you have any questions send me a message through my contacts form. Wishing you light and love – Kira

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