Things to think about when considering having a Tarot Card Reading

There are many types of Tarot readings and readers, and each has a unique style, focus and intuition. I focus my readings on empowerment, seeing the reading as a process of connection between you (the client), the cards and myself. My Tarot readings are empowering because I work in partnership with you to help you access greater insights into your life, situations and the surrounding energy. I use my intuition and the Tarot as a tool to draw insight and wisdom from spirit. The wisdom of the Tarot will give you the answers you need and the clarity you desire. However my readings are not simply concerned with predicting your future or overshadow your personal power by telling you what’s going to happen to you over the next few days or weeks. Although such insight can emerge in a reading, my focus is to ensure that you are part of the process and not just a bystander.

During the reading, I engage the Tarot as a tool to empower you to make positive changes in your life that will allow you to facilitate the manifestation of your desired outcomes. This helps you to understand the energy and opportunities that resides in every situation. The wisdom of the Tarot is that it is a tool to help highlight the aspects of your life you may not be fully aware of, such as what influences are impacting you, what conscious and subconscious reactions you are exerting on your life, and how these may be impacting on the situation you are seeking wisdom and insight to understand.

The Tarot is an excellent way of gaining a fresh perspective on your life, or a specific situation. It can shed new light and help you to make more balanced, insightful decisions, going into the future. Tarot is a superb analysis tool for getting a clear, detached view of what you are doing right now, and where you are heading both in your personal and professional life.

There are times when people may find it useful to have a Tarot Reading. These include when you feel ‘lost’ or you are about to embark on a new phase in your life, you are facing a new challenge or you aren’t sure about a decision that you need to make where you need greater insight

If you want to make a time for a reading, just click the “Book a Session” button on the booking page or if you have any questions send me a message through my contacts form. Wishing you light and love – Kira

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