The Fool – Major Arcana number 0 – the cards meaning and symbolism

Upright: Beginnings, true innocence, spontaneity, a perfect state of joy freedom, free spirit. Connection to pure essence, source, oneness. Reversed: Naivety, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking.The Wisdom of the Fool, Major Arcana Tarot card number 0, is rich in meaning and symbolism. This is a card of unity.  It directs our focus to how we can find greater unity with source energy.  In astrology the Fool is aligns with Uranus, air attributes.  When you see the Fool in a reading remember to explore how this energy of taking a journey guided by instinct, free from the distractions associated with outward reality enhances the situation. The Fool is all about authenticity, in the moment, just being, free from any limitation associated with personal identity.  When you embrace like with authenticity and trust you will be motivated and sure about the path you have chosen.  Yes the Fool can be “foolish” and if you step away from the “norm” you hold as important in your life, the changes that will come may not fit with your current reality.  Is this a blessing or a challenge?  Only you will know.  Trust in yourself and ask “what am I being called to do and am I ready to simply trust this calling even if I am not sure on the surface if it makes sense and fits with my current set of norms?”

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