The Empress Major Arcana #3 – How to understand & interpret the card in a Tarot Card Reading

Upright: Fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, abundance. Reversed: Creative block, dependence on others.The Empress, Major Arcana number 3


When this card appears in a reading you will find your attention is drawn to considering a number of different aspects of the cards meaning and how they reflect within the reading.  often students of the Tarot ask themselves what is it that I need to reflect upon when this card appears in a reading. The answer this is question is found in your intuition, knowledge of the card, the cards placement in the reading and insights from spirit or your higher self.  The Empress represents motherhood, love, gentleness, support, sensuality, pure emotion, receptivity like soil to seed. The card is the essence of nurture, who or what we nurture, who facilitates growth, making connections and relationships. Although the figure is that of a women this card represents those characteristics in all of us both male and female. Take a moment to explore what you see in this card.  Each time you see the card you may find a new aspect of meaning comes to light.  Here is a brief review of what I see and feel about this dynamic card.

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