Reading Testimonials

Michelle G, Canada

“I found Kira Woods through YouTube. I was immediately attracted to her forthright honest approach to her weekly tarot readings. When I booked Kira she responded to me right away even though we are half a world apart. She easily made arrangements for my time zone to fit into her schedule. I found her reading spot on. That is, it was extremely accurate and really described where I was as a person despite my question. She helped me move into and sit with very difficult emotions and find the courage to begin to move past the grief I have been feeling. The reading comforted me and helped me look forward to what the future will bring.”

Leanne, Gold Coast

“I recently had a Tarot reading with Kira whom I found to be very professional while at the same time very warm and welcoming. I felt relaxed, at ease and able to ask what was on my mind. The answers I received have helped clear up the indecision I had been having with certain aspects of the business. I will be recommending Kira to all my family and friends. Thank you, Kira.”

Louise, San Diego CA

“My reading from Kira felt very accurate to my situation. It all made sense, opened my awareness to new possibilities and understanding without having to read between the lines – like someone has just described my life as it currently is. It was positive and realistic and a very useful tool. Thanks again!”

Denise, Gold Coast

“Kira, thanks so much for a wonderful reading. You brought into focus a major shift in my life that I was dreading and helped me realise that it was time for it to happen and that it would be a good thing for me and my son. I found your reading very insightful and very informative. I left with greater clarity and confidence about my future path. You showed real empathy about my situation and circumstance. I will definitely be back.” Thank you, Denise, Gold Coast, Australia.

Lindy, Gold Coast

“I had a reading done by Kira & found her to be very compassionate & caring in her approach. She asked me a lot of questions before the reading to gain some insight into my personality & current frame of mind.  I found this to be very reassuring & it seemed like she really was interested in getting to know me, which I believe enhanced my experience with Kira’s reading. She explained everything she saw in the cards & certainly gave me a new perspective on things. I left feeling well informed & well armed with a new insight, which I needed at that time. I would highly recommend a visit to Kira. Thank You Kira for a wonderful experience. Lindy, Gold Coast”

Mark, Portland, OR

“Wow! What an  amazing experience. This was my first ever tarot reading which I found insightful beyond my expectations.  Kira was attentive and really listened to  what I said and wanted to know using it to guide the process in interpreting the cards, and best of all helping me to understand my options, my unconscious influences and discovering the options to aid my decision making.  It was a wonderful reading and very informative, I will definitely be back.” Mark, Portland, OR


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