Mystic Party Entertainment

Would you like a unique and creative way to entertain your guests and have them talk about your party or gathering for weeks after the event?


There are two ways you achieve this with Kira’s Mystic Party Entertainment service.

  1. Your Special Event: You can hire Kira to attend your event or party for a set number of readings or hours. Kira will provide an uplifting, entertaining and positive dimension for your guests entertainment using the Tarot.

This service is available for birthdays, bridal and wedding showers, corporate events, Halloween parties, weddings, New Year’s Eve parties and any other celebratory event — whenever you want to add something really special to the festivities. You can have a Tarot Party as part of a birthday celebration, a bridal shower or anytime you would like to give a unique and inspiring gift to your friends.

The cost for a professional Tarot reader at your event ranges from $100 to $200 per hour depending on location, how many persons at the event and what you would like to have.

  1. A Tarot Meet-up: You can arrange for your friends to get introduced to the Tarot in a dynamic, safe and fun way. This is not a necessarily a party venue, but just a chance for you to share and offer an introduction to the Tarot to a group of your friends. The cost varies depending on the location, the number of persons and the format you would like.

Typically, as the hostess, you would invite 5 to 20 friends and I would give a little overview of Tarot, and then you and your guests would do some hands-on work with Tarot. Depending on what you and your guests want, we could also do some “mini” readings.

This is a great way to introduce people to the powerful insights of this symbolic tool.

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