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Wisdom of The Tarot – Learn Tarot for Personal or Professional Use

As a Professional Tarot Card Reader I have a passion for sharing my skills and abilities as a reader as well as a trainer and mentor.

Finding the right mentor, like in all areas of learning, is about connecting with someone who compliments your learning process and expands your potential.  If you have a desire to learn tarot and/or if you have been reading for a while and finding yourself with a desire to connect with a mentor to expand your skills and learning then know teaching and mentoring is an area of my practice I love and embrace with passion.

I offer 1:1 and group online training

In our Tarot training sessions together:

  • I will help you find confidence in your reading abilities,

  • Explore how you engage your intuition in the reading process.

  • You will feel empowered to explore all areas of learning that you feel need attention to help you grow and develop in understanding and engaging the wisdom of the Tarot.

  • You will end our sessions together with greater clarity and understanding of your learning objectives.

  • To start your “Master the Art” Tarot training, just click this link for more information, book and pay for your session and start your journey NOW!

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