Every Journey Needs Support

Following your Tarot reading you may have more questions, need clarification or simply find yourself in need of further support or someone to talk to. If this is the case, then Kira has developed the “Every journey needs support” package, because everybody needs support

To fully manifest and integrate the energy and messages of a reading often requires support to navigate the doors and pathways that are part of your journey. This “Every journey needs support” package offers you the support that will allow you to quickly move through with whatever you need to move through and make the changes to have the outcome that you desire.

The  “Every journey needs support” package is an eight week ‘add-on’ package consisting of three 30 minute sessions (scheduled every two weeks), finishing with a one hour reading (at 8 weeks).

The introductory price of the  “Every journey needs support” package is ONLY $247, which offers a substantial saving of 25% if purchased individually.

To enrol in the “Every journey needs support” package, click this link, choose a day/time and enter your payment info.

If you have never had a session with Kira before and you would like the benefit of the “Every journey needs support” package, then Kira has the answer – the “Every journey needs support extra” package; click here for more info


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