Change – If its not changing its not living

If you stay centered within the flow of change, trust and believe in the process and embrace the inevitable cycles unexpected outcomes will emerge. Change is forever apart of our human experience.  Its is like taking a breath – natural, inevitable and essential.  It has been said  “if you are not changing you are stagnant and therefore not living but dying”. Those who are not changing are “dead but not gone”. Living the motions of life but not seeing, feeling and learning from the ever changing seasons. Remember when you pull against the strings of change ask yourself do you want to be living a life as being dead but not gone.  Remember the power of change can transform our lives such as the seasons transform the earth.  Note that even in our final process of change on this earth – the process of dying- we have the opportunity to embrace the energy and process of change as part of the ebb and flow of life. Dying is a part of the life change process that like all change we can not avoid but if we embrace it we can make a profound difference in our life and those around us.

Wheel of Fortune

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