About Kira

Hi I’m Kira,

Hi my name is Kira Woods and I am a Professional Tarot reader, Intuitive Oracle and Clairvoyant. If you are looking for a genuine intuitive reading – one in which you will receive clarity and insight into yourself and your concerns, then this is a good place to begin.

I provide online Tarot readings for people who need clarity and support for their life decisions. My method of reading is to combine Tarot (and sometimes astrology) and guides (mine and sometimes the client’s guides as well) while utilising intuitive insight to assist the client with informed decision making about day-to-day issues and deeper spiritual concerns. My approach is person-centered as I believe Tarot reading is a gift intended to empower positive changes in the life of the client, help open the client’s mind, heart and inner wisdom to the options surrounding their situation, decision making and desired outcomes. My background in Tarot, coaching and counselling provides me with the skills and knowledge to support each person through the decision making process, utilising the Tarot as a road map to explore the client’s options.


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Kira is based on the Queensland Gold Coast Region. I offer online readings via Zoom, WhatsApp, phone or as otherwise arranged. For group Tarot Readings, Events & celebrations, Kira is available to travel to your location.  Click here for more information or contact Kira to discuss your specific needs.

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